4 Ways to Make Your Commute More Tolerable

Nobody likes traffic. We’d be surprised if you were able to find one person who enjoys sitting in a stop-and-go mess. More power to those who don’t lose their cool just a little when they’re sitting in a traffic jam. You may have noticed those people. They’re just sitting there with a smile on their face and calmness to their spirit. How do they do it? We here at Buckeye Complete Auto Care think they must do at least one of the four following things to help make their commute more tolerable.

1. They Plan Their Routes

Some people plan their routes even though they know where they’re going. They find the most direct route to their destination and then find several alternate routes just in case the most direct way becomes a sigalert. They also use their GPS to alert them of potential issues ahead before the traffic report on the radio. Planning ahead helps put you in less of a mess once all the commuters hit the road.

2. They Don’t Multitask

Most people don’t realize this but even if you are good at multitasking, the physical act of doing so can aggravate you. Your brain is incredible and it does many things at one time. When you’re behind the wheel, however, your brain is focused on driving. Don’t multitask while you drive. You’ll find yourself angrier with the traffic ahead of you because your brain is in hyper-drive to get everything done.

3. They Watch Their Distractions

Multitasking is also distracting. You’re focused on the text you want to send, the email you want to reply to, or the phone call you need to make instead of the traffic ahead. Traffic jams might seem like the perfect time to allow yourself to be distracted by things you need to do, loud music, or your kids in the backseat, but you’ll find yourself the cause of the second sigalert on the route.

4. They Self-Reflect

Sitting in traffic does accomplish one thing: It gives you a chance to think. Put on some soft, relaxing music – don’t aggravate your already frayed nerves with loud music – and think. Plan. Dream. Traffic means you can take downtime you deserve because you don’t have a choice. You aren’t going anywhere. Enjoy the traffic jam by listening to an audio-book or self-reflecting.

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