5 Ways Warmer Weather Can Do a Number on Your Paint

As the weather warms up, you’re probably more and more excited about getting out and about in your car. But your car might be facing some threats from the warmer weather. Here are some situations to watch out for from Buckeye Complete Auto Care.

Winter Street Damage Is Apparent

Winter is rough on streets. Ice, snow, and rain all beat up on the road and contribute to increased amounts of potholes and other issues. That might mean that you’re kicking up more debris than usual once winter starts settling down some. As that debris goes flying, so too can chips of paint from your car.

Pollen Becomes a Factor

Pollen means that plants and flowers are doing their thing, waking up and reproducing, but it also coats everything that it comes in contact with. Pollen particles are extremely small, but they’re also extremely abrasive. When they pile up on your car, they can cause tiny scratches. Some pollens can also be highly acidic, which eats through the layers of paint on your car.

Trees Offer More Than Pollen

Trees might do more than drop some pollen on your car, though. As they start to warm up after winter loosens its grip, the sap within the trunk and branches starts to thin a little bit and flow. Sap is incredibly sticky and doesn’t just wash off with soap and water. When it hardens, it can pull paint right off your car’s surface, leaving a big mess behind.

Birds Drop Bombs

Birds are fascinating to watch, but unfortunately, they poop. And they don’t discriminate about where they poop, either. They’re just as likely to drop some bombs on your car as they are anywhere else. The big problem with that is that bird poop is extremely high in uric acid and that does a number on your paint. First it eats through the clear coat and then it starts working on the paint itself.

Bugs Are Waking up, Too

It’s not just birds getting more active. As the weather warms up, bugs are out and about more often, too. That means lots of bugs are colliding with your car, and not just on the windshield. When the bugs get squished, the acids in their bodies eat at your paint.

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