Eight Reasons Why Your Car Keeps Overheating

You cannot afford to have your automobile overheat. If you keep driving or do not have the source of the overheating resolved soon, you can cause serious engine damage, including a cracked exhaust manifold or engine block. Buckeye Complete Auto Care lists eight reasons why your engine might overheat below. We can help you with any of these problems, as well.

Low Coolant

If your engine coolant levels are low, non-existent, or you’re driving with the wrong coolant type in the radiator, your automobile will overheat. Check your overflow reservoir regularly for low coolant levels.

Radiator Leaks

The most common cause of low coolant is a leak somewhere in the cooling system. Sources of leaks include the radiator, the seals, gaskets, the water pump, the system lines, and the heater core.

Water Pump

If your water pump is clogged or leaking, your vehicle will overheat. The water pump circulates the coolant through the engine. Dirty coolant can clog the pump and your engine will be coolant-starved.

Radiator Problems

Radiators corrode over time and can spring leaks because they are rusted. Radiator fans can malfunction or even die completely. Either of these things will cause coolant problems and an overheating engine.

Low Motor Oil

Motor oil can affect your engine’s temperature as much as coolant can. Dirty, old, or low motor oil can not only cause your engine to overheat but also damage crucial engine parts and lead to engine failure.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Your engine’s thermostat tells the cooling system when to release coolant into the engine. If the thermostat is failing, it might misread temperatures and not release the coolant when it should.

Belts or Hoses

If you have loose belts in your vehicle’s engine, they will get too hot and pass that heat to your engine. Leaking radiator hoses will leak coolant outside of the engine rather than allow the flow through it.

Clogged Heater Core

Finally, a clogged heater core can make your vehicle overheat because it does not pass the hot engine coolant into the radiator where it is cooled by the fan. Heater cores use hot coolant for the heater.

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Photo by Dragana91 from Getty Images via Canva Pro