All You Need to Know About Transmission Fluid Flush and Refill

You think about oil changes but the transmission fluid flush generally stays in the back of your mind. You aren’t alone. The transmission requires infrequent maintenance, so it tends to fall off people’s radars. Buckeye Complete Auto Repair can maintain, repair, and replace your vehicle’s transmission when it needs it. Let’s talk about transmission fluid changes in this blog post and what you need to know.

What Transmission Fluid Does

In some ways, transmission fluid is just like motor oil in that it lubricates moving transmission parts to help keep them cool and reduce wear and tear. Where transmission fluid differs from motor oil is that it also helps the gears to shift. This fluid is more than just oil; it’s also a hydraulic fluid for the gears.

Signs Transmission Fluid Needs to Be Changed

Difficulty getting your vehicle into gear, hard or rough shifts, and slipping out of gears are all signs that your car, truck, or utility vehicle has dirty and/or low transmission fluid. Color is the key indicator, however. The changes in the transmission’s fluid color indicate its age and usefulness:

  • Bright red, transparent transmission fluid is new and effective
  • Light brown transmission fluid is getting old but still effective
  • Dark brown transmission fluid needs to be changed right away
  • Black transmission fluid has oxidized and must be changed immediately
  • Pink transmission fluid has coolant seeping into it from a severe leak

Checking the transmission fluid tells auto technicians if everything is okay or whether there is a huge problem, such as a catastrophic breach between the cooling system and transmission. The transmission fluid in your automobile should always be red and iridescent or light brown and still transparent.

Factory-Scheduled Transmission Service

Another way to tell whether you need a transmission fluid flush and refill is to check your owner’s manual for the factory-scheduled service recommendations. Generally, the transmission fluid should be changed every 30,000 miles at a minimum and every 60,000 miles at a maximum.

The age of your automobile and how you drive can also determine how often you should have the transmission fluid changed. If you drive an older, high-mileage vehicle, haul heavy loads, or drive in conditions that require frequent gear shifts, you might need to change the fluid more often.

Call Buckeye Complete Auto Repair in Columbus, OH, to schedule a transmission service. We’ll check the fluid and the rest of the system to make sure you don’t need any maintenance or repairs.

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