Do My Fuel Injectors Need Cleaning?

Your vehicle’s fuel injectors directly affect its performance. Most automobile manufacturers recommend you have the fuel injectors cleaned every 15,000 miles. You can go as long 30,000 miles in most cases or, if you don’t drive that many miles each year, your fuel injectors should be cleaned once a year. If you haven’t had your fuel injectors cleaned in over 30,000 miles or one year, they need to be cleaned. Buckeye Complete Auto Care also says they might need clean if you notice any of the following.

Engine Performance Trouble

If your car, truck, or SUV has clogged and/or dirty fuel injectors, you might notice problems with your engine’s performance. If the engine delays, staggers, or stammers, you probably don’t have the correct air/fuel mixture in the ignition chamber. The mixture could be low on fuel because the injectors are not pushing enough gas through. This will also cause loss of engine performance, especially from a stop.

Rough Engine Performance

Another sign your engine is fuel-starved is rough engine performance. In this case, the engine will slow down because it isn’t getting enough fuel to sustain higher speeds. Your transmission will attempt to make up for the slowing by downshifting when you step on the accelerator to pick up speed. You’ll notice your vehicle downshifting constantly to maintain speed, which makes for a rough ride.

Rough Idling

Another sign your vehicle’s engine isn’t getting enough gas is rough idling. As the engine struggles to stay powered, it will idle roughly and might even stall. If the fuel injectors are clogged to the point of being unable to push gas into the combustion chamber, you might not be able to get your vehicle started again. Smooth idling is a sign the air/fuel mixture is correct in the combustion chamber.

Excessive Gas Consumption

Finally, your vehicle will use excess gas if it’s fuel-starved. The harder the engine works to maintain speed the more gasoline it will use. When there is little fuel in the air/fuel mixture, a vehicle’s engine is trying to run on a “lean” mixture. Because it isn’t getting enough gas, it will burn what gas it does have quickly to compensate. This forces the fuel pump to push more fuel through the injectors. 

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