Keep Your Fleet Maintained for Optimal Uptime and Profits

You already know that Buckeye Complete Auto Care services personal vehicles of all types, makes, and models. Did you know that we also service and repair fleet vehicles? We do! And, we’d love to service your fleet. Fleet maintenance keeps your cars, trucks, and vans on the road making money. You’ll spend a lot less on fleet maintenance than you will on fleet repair. Let’s unpack this further, because it isn’t just about the costs of maintenance versus repairs. It’s about much, much more.

Okay, But Maintenance Costs Versus Repair Costs First

Even though it is much more than this, most fleet managers face one simple fact: everything boils down to costs. Your bottom line must always show that your fleet is earning more money than it is taking, and once a fleet vehicle has outlived its investment, it’s time to move on from it. Preventative maintenance extends the life of the fleet vehicles and, thereby, the life of your investment returns. Even better? Maintaining a vehicle throughout its life doesn’t cost near as much as repairing it does.

Uptime Equals Profits

How a fleet vehicle pays for itself and then some is by earning profits. It doesn’t matter what the fleet vehicle is for – package delivery, passenger transportation, specialized services such as ambulances or handicap vans – uptime is the only thing that equals profits for fleet vehicles. A vehicle that isn’t maintained is going to break down; there’s no way you’ll avoid that. When the vehicle breaks down, it’s off the road and no longer earning money. Maintenance increases vehicle uptime. It avoids downtime and the profit losses associated with it, especially if the vehicle is out of commission for days or weeks.

Maintenance Equals Safety

Finally, many preventative maintenance services, such as brake inspections and services, are designed to ensure automobiles stay safe while in operation. Fleet managers are responsible for the fleet vehicles and their drivers. If a driver is unsafe, the solution is simple: The driver is let go. If a vehicle isn’t safe, the solution can become much more convoluted, especially if it causes an automobile accident. Downtime, increased insurance costs, and even lawsuits can become huge headaches after fleet vehicle accidents.

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