Let’s Talk About the Fluids in Your Automobile

Whether you drive a car, crossover, SUV, or truck, there are several fluids your vehicle cannot live without. Depending on your vehicle’s specific service schedule, you will need to have these automotive fluids changed at intervals ranging from 3,000 miles to 30,000 miles on average. Buckeye Complete Auto Care can flush and refill each one, so let’s talk about the fluids in your automobile in this blog post.

Air-Conditioner Coolant

If your vehicle is equipped with air conditioning, the system has coolant (or refrigerant) that cools the air before it is pushed through the vents into the cabin. The AC cannot cool the cabin air without the refrigerant, so warm air suggests the refrigerant level is too low (among other AC problems).

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid and motor oil look a lot alike; they are both light brown when they’re new and dark brown when they’re old. Your vehicle cannot stop without brake fluid, which is why you see the bad guys cutting the hero or heroine’s brake lines in action movies and television shows.


Another cooling fluid in your automobile is the engine coolant. Found in the radiator and its reservoir, this crucial fluid comes in a rainbow of colors, including red, yellow, and blue. Coolant draws heat out of the engine as it circulates through it. It also prevents engine freeze during severe winter weather.


Your engine will seize up and die if it does not have motor oil in it. It can also be severely damaged if the oil isn’t changed at regular intervals. Old and dirty motor oil loses its viscosity, which means it can no longer lubricate the engine parts. It also deposits sludge in the engine that can damage it.

Power Steering Fluid

If your vehicle is equipped with hydraulic power steering, there is fluid in the system to help with your steering. Newer vehicles are more often equipped with electronic power steering that doesn’t use fluid to assist in steering motion. Power steering fluid is usually red in color.

Transmission Fluid

Red fluid is also found in your vehicle’s transmission. The fluid changes colors as it ages from bright red to dark brown or black. Transmission fluid (or oil, if you prefer) should be changed every 30,000 miles on average. Your vehicle’s manufacturer may recommend a different duration.

Your vehicle also has windshield washer fluid that you can easily replace yourself as you use it. For the other automotive fluids, call Buckeye Complete Auto Care in Columbus, OH, at 614-285-3453.

Photo by Ronstik from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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