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Todd Baldridge

Hi, I am Todd Baldridge and I am the owner here at Buckeye Complete Auto Care. I purchased the company from my father-in-law in 2015. I changed the name to Buckeye Complete Auto Care to better explain all that we do here. I have been working on cars since I was a junior in high school. I had always enjoyed tinkering with things and I really liked a ‘69 Camaro with a blower sticking out of the hood. I decided then that I wanted to work on cars. I have had 100s of training hours, making myself the best Automotive Technician that I could. I have a Master Certified ASE Certification with an Advanced Engine Specialist designation, and an Automotive Service Consultant ASE Certification. I realized that I had other skills when I need to have Carpal Tunnel Surgery yet wanted to continue working. My boss put me on the counter of the tire store where I was working at the time. I really liked talking to people and helping them make the hard decisions that come with owning a car. So, like any reasonable person I decided I wanted to be the owner of my own Repair Shop. I had worked too many places that did not share my passion for Integrity and Honesty with the Customer. I felt like I could make a difference at my own shop. My sincerest hope will be that when you call and/or arrive in my store you will feel welcomed and part our Family immediately. We value our customers and want to help them maintain their biggest expense, the automobile. We have dedicated ourselves to Customer Service with a foundation of Honesty, Integrity and Quality.

Thank You So Much

Trevor Kuhl

Trevor Kuhl and I go way back. We met at Columbus State Community College in an Automotive Technology class in 2003. I recognized his potential right away. I talked with my then boss at a Tire store, and convinced him to give this guy a shot. Trevor had been working at an Electronics Retailer and had never had the opportunity to work on cars but he thought he would really enjoy it. He started working on cars with me and has now been doing it for over 15 years. Trevor has a passion for learning and loves to figure out really difficult diagnostics. He continues to go to every Automotive class that he can and he holds a Master ASE Certification with the designation of Advanced Engine Specialist. Trevor started working for Buckeye Complete Auto in August of 2017 and we feel very lucky to have him on the team.

Hank Reeb

Hank Reeb started out his career in the Auto Industry in 1980, and has held multiple certifications through the years. Hank was first introduced to mechanics at a very early age out of necessity, he lived on a farm and worked on all the equipment. I remember a story being recounted to me about him changing the brakes on the Family car at the age of 12. He went on to become a Master Certified Chrysler Technician, Master Certified ASE with and Advanced Engine Specialist designation, and led a crew of over 20 people at a Chrysler Dealership. Hank has been with us at Buckeye Complete Auto since July 2011 and is our lead Diagnostic Technician. Hank is our “Superhero”, he can find and repair anything, he is a shining example of what Honesty and Integrity is all about and I couldn’t be happier to have him on the team.


Ronald “Mike” Lynn started his career in the Oil Fields in Caldwell, Ohio when he was 16. There he learned to work on equipment and weld. He started working on cars in the early 80’s and has become one of the premier Exhaust Artist in the state of Ohio. He has people come from all over to have him do Custom Exhaust on their Hot Rod or Classic Car. He has been in our building working on cars since 1992. Mike has been such a help to our team and we love having him with us here at Buckeye Complete Auto.


Nicholas “Nick” McKean is our resident car enthusiast. He has a passion for driving and modifying everything. Nicholas came to us right out of High School in 2014. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do in respect to a long term career. Since I knew his Father well, I asked for a sit down with Nicholas and explained to him that a background in Auto Mechanics would benefit him greatly, even if he chose not to be an Auto Technician. He agreed, came on board and now he is our Office Manger. He loves talking to people, and he loves talking about cars. It just seemed a little like Kizmet when the position opened up. We are really happy to have Nicholas with us at Buckeye Complete Auto Care.

Gustavo Esquivel

Gustavo Esquivel

Gustavo” Gus” Esquivel graduated from West high school in 2008 and started his automotive career in 2011 when he started at a Trade School in Mexico City called CEDVA. While attending school he worked part time in a small shop where he got a great foundation for the basics. He then came back to Columbus, Ohio in 2014 and was working at a local shop alongside one of our other techs Trevor Kuhl. Gus and Trevor worked together to help Gus gain his citizenship in the USA. He was able to finally achieve this lifelong goal of becoming an American citizen in 2019. The same year he became one of the valuable employees here at Buckeye Complete Auto Care. He also had another big win recently when he was able to bring his wife home from Mexico and is now more than ever devoted to education and advancement in his Automotive career.

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