Signs of Air Conditioning Problems in Your Automobile

You don’t want AC problems in the heat of summer, especially in your vehicle when you’re stuck in traffic during your afternoon commute. It’s hot and humid in Columbus right now, and Buckeye Complete Auto Care can help you if you notice any of the following four signs of air conditioning problems when you flip on your car, truck, CUV, or SUV’s AC to help cool things down in the cabin.

You Don’t Feel Any Cold Air

Few things are more frustrating than turning on the AC and waiting eagerly for the refreshing cold air, only to find that there isn’t any of that coming out of the vents. You mutter in frustration and turn the AC off and then back on again. The air still doesn’t get cold. You check to make sure the AC is actually on, and the component light indicates that it is. What’s going on? Chances are your AC system has a leak and/or is running low on refrigerant. Without refrigerant, the system cannot cool the air effectively.

You Don’t Feel Any Air at All

This problem isn’t isolated to your automobile’s AC alone. You might find that you aren’t feeling any air coming out of your vents at any time during the year, whether you flip on the AC, the fan, or the heater. In this case, your vehicle’s ventilation system likely has an electrical problem or a clog. In other words, the blower motor may have a bad relay switch or has blown a fuse. If you have a clogged air filter or air intake vents, this, too, will prevent the air from flowing into your vehicle’s cabin.

You Feel Cool Air But Not Cold Air

This problem is frustrating. You can feel cooler air coming through your vents but it isn’t cold, at least not as cold as it usually is. No matter how high you turn up the air conditioner, the air remains temperate, which doesn’t do you any good if you’re hot and sweaty and looking for some serious relief. Like problem number one, cool but not cold air can usually be attributed to low refrigerant. If it’s been a long time since you’ve had the AC system checked, now is a good time to do so.

The Air Smells Yucky

You might smell a bit of a musty smell when you turn on your vehicle’s AC for the first time in the summer but you shouldn’t smell it all the time. If you do, there could be bacteria growing somewhere in the air-conditioning system that needs to be cleaned and disinfected. You don’t want this smell in your vehicle’s cabin; it’s a sign of mildew and for those with breathing troubles, this can worsen their condition. A system cleaning is in order to get rid of the musty smells.

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