Why Is Factory-Scheduled Maintenance Important?

Automobile manufacturers print a factory maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual to keep your car, truck, or utility vehicle running like new. Factory maintenance improves vehicle efficiency and reliability, which saves you money throughout the life of your automobile. Most factory maintenance is scheduled every 30,000 miles, and Buckeye Complete Auto Care is an expert in these scheduled services.

Benefits of Factory Maintenance

Aside from the benefits listed above, scheduled factory maintenance also

  • Keeps your extended warranty valid (failure to maintain your vehicle can void it)
  • Avoids smaller issues from becoming huge and expensive repairs
  • Prolongs your vehicle’s life so you get more bang for your buck
  • Boosts your vehicle’s resell value

All of the above makes sense. If you take care of your vehicle, it will take care of you. Let your extended warranty pay for that expensive auto repair. Better yet, never need the repair in the first place. Keep driving your vehicle long after it’s paid for so you don’t have to worry about car payments. Ensure the next owner of your automobile that you’ve taken great care of it and the asking price is justified.

What to Expect

As we mentioned in the introduction of this blog post, most factory maintenance is scheduled every 30,000 miles, i.e. you’ll bring your vehicle in at 30,000 miles, then 60,000 miles, then 90,000 miles, and so on. The owner’s manual for your vehicle will detail all the work to be performed at each maintenance visit, but generally, you can expect the following services to be performed:

  • Belts and hoses inspection and replacement
  • Brake system inspection and service
  • Filter replacements
  • Fluid checks and refills or replacements
  • Oil change
  • Spark plugs and wires inspection and replacement
  • Timing belt inspection (if your vehicle has one)
  • Timing chain inspection
  • Tire rotation and inspection

It’s important to note that certain services, such as oil changes and tire rotations, should be done sooner than every 30,000 miles. You should schedule an oil change for your vehicle every 3,000 miles and have the tires rotated at every other oil change. Check the air pressure in your tires at least every two weeks, and refill the air to the proper psi when necessary.

Buckeye Complete Auto Care can help you with all of your automobile’s preventative maintenance needs. Call our Columbus, OH, shop to schedule an appointment. We’ll put you on the factory service schedule perfect for your automobile.

Photo by Welcomia from Canva Pro

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